Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 15, 2013  8-10:30pm

TATSUYA NAKATANI - drumset, gongs and small objects
MICHEL DONEDA - soprano/sopranino saxophones

joined by special guest Pascal Niggenkemper on bass

two sets:


$15/$10 students

Sunday, May 12, 2013 8 - 10pm

a free (mostly) quiet show for Mother's Day

Lucio Menegon (guitar)
David Grollman (snare drum)

Lucia Stavros (harp)
Ryan Krause (voice)

doors at 8
music at 9
red wine and brownies

Past Events

Sunday, October 14th, 8-10PM - Live music, featuring Yedo Gibson (sax) & Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violin); and Nathaniel Morgan (sax) & David Grollman (snare drum)

Friday, October 26th, 7-10PM - "Harvey" - Closing Party 

Thursday, November 1st, 7-10PM - "Beacon" - Opening - a new show from Kenny Komer and Boris Rasin

Friday, November 9, 8-10PM - Live musicfeaturing Judy Dunaway (balloons); and Anthony Coleman (organ) and Ashley Paul (sax); Williamsburg 2nd Fridays

Sunday, November 11, 8-10PM - "Beacon" - Closing Party, featuring the premiere of "Vanishing Point," a new piece for spatialized trio from Ryan Krause

Friday, November 30, 7-10 PM - "Shadows Through a Prism" - Opening - a six-person show curated by Heidi Hahn

Tuesday, December 4, 8-10 PM - PascAli (Pascal Niggenkemper and Sean Ali); and (David Grollman and Ryan Krause)

Sunday, December 9, 8-10 PM - buck Hammerstein and clear river chapaukee (sax and trumpet); Andrew Hock (guitar)

Wednesday, December 12, 8-10 PM -  Wanderlust (Tatsuya Nakatani, Pascal Niggenkemper, and Darius Jones.)

Friday, December 14th, 7-9PM - "Shadows Through a Prism" - Closing Party 

Saturday, December 15, 7-10 PM - "Collage à Trois" - Opening - collage and mixed media works from Maj Anya DeBear, Molly George, and Jaclyn Jurist.

Sunday, December 16, 8-10 PM - "Valerie Kuehne: Personality Swap – 9 at 109" The 1st of 3 events in performance artist/cellist Valerie Kuehne's residency.

Thursday, December 20, 8-10 PM - "Valerie Kuehne: Personality Swap – 9 at 109" The 2nd of 3 events in performance artist/cellist Valerie Kuehne's residency.

Saturday, December 22, 8-10 PM - "Valerie Kuehne: Personality Swap – 9 at 109" The final event in performance artist/cellist Valerie Kuehne's residency.

Friday, February 11th, 7-0PM - [Opening] Adam Wissing: Interstitials

Monday, January 14th, 8-10PM - Live Music, featuring Joey Molinaro (grindcore violin), Hurricanes of Love (holy mountain vibes), Josh Millrod (trumpet), and members of Panoply Performance Lab

Monday, January 21st, 7-9PM - Poetry Night, featuring Jarrod Annis, Leo Madriz, Jeffrey Joe Nelson, Daniel Owen, Lisa Rogal and Sarah Anne Wallen

Wednesday, January 23th,  8-10PM - Live Music, HAG w/ Daniel Peck, and Short Nerve

Saturday, January 26th,  8-10PM - Live Music, VaVatican and Girls and God

Monday, January 28th, 7-9PM - Chess Night, open to all, play chess with fellow artists

Thursdat, January 31st,  8-10PM - Recital, Chris Watford (bassoon) and Lucia Stavros (harp), performing music of Billone, Neuwirth, Lévy, Taillefare and Berio

Tuesday, February 5th, 8-10 PM - Two Duos on a Tuesday: PascAli (Pascal Niggenkemper and Sean Ali); and Lipchitz (David Grollman and Ryan Krause)

Thursday, February 7th, 7-9PM - [Closing] Adam Wissing: Interstitials

Monday, February 11th, 7-9PM - Chess Night, open to all, play chess with fellow artists

Monday, February 18th, 8-10 PM - New Music: andPlay, violin/viola duo performing the music of Christian Wolff, Elliot Carter, Georges Aperghis, Brendan Faegre and Ryan Krause

Monday, February 25th, 8-10 PM - PerformanceJill Burton, Jane Scarpantoni, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, id m theft able and Ryan Krause — a night of dance, motion, extended vocal performance, sonic objects and more.

Saturday, March 9th, 7-10 PM - Art PartyWhat Have You Done for Me Lately? (A Brief History of the First Six or so Months at 109) - featuring almost all of the artists we've yet exhibited, including: Kenny Komer, Adam Wissing, Heidi Hahn, James Troxel, Jerry Blackman, Burcu Oz, Marysia Gacek, Boris Rasin, Andrew Moeller, John Ganz, Ryan Sobotka, Lauren Seiden, Maj Anya DeBear, Sophia Casas, Isabel Wilson, Tess Rafael, Nicholas Steindorf, Alex Markwith, Andrew Cahill, Ryan Krause, and more; with live performances


Mar 22-Apr 12

7 performances, each on a different day of the week, relating to the show in its own way

Sunday, March 24th, 4-6PM - Performance [demonstration of a physical fact]

Michael Evans (snare drum, electronics), Andy Haas (sax, Korean oboes, wooden flutes), David Grollman (snare drum) & Zack Fuller (dance); and Ofir Ganon (guitar)

Tuesday, March 26th, 8-10PM - Concert [with perhaps the exception of rhythm]

"Two Duos on a Tuesday" — Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) & Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion); and Zach Pruitt (guitar) & Dean Buck (tenor sax) 

Thursday, March 28th, 8-10PM - Performance [any semblance of my speech]

Ryan Krause (voice and objects) 

Saturday, March 30th, 8-10PM - Concert [until the resonant frequencies]

Dinners (Jimmy Hughes on modular synthesis); and Michael Collins (transcendental disco)  

Monday, April 8th, 8-10PM - Performance [I regard this activity]

Sirens of Titan — Panoply Performance Lab (Brian McCorkle & Esther Neff) 

Wednesday, April 10th, 8-10PM - Concert [reinforce themselves so]

Wandelweiser und so weiter NYC — John Hastings (guitar), Jason Brogan (guitar), Jack Callahan (snare drum) & Dominic Lash (bass) 

Friday, April 12, 7-10PM - Closing Performance [into the room again and again]

I am sitting in a room (Alvin Lucier) — Ryan Krause & Alec Hall

Mikros at 109 - Tuesday, April 30

Christopher Fisher-Lochhead: Ventriloquist (2011-12)
Geoff Landman, tenor saxophone

Fisher-Lochhead: grandFather (2012-13)
Rebekah Heller, bassoon

Timothy McCormack: HEAVY MATTER (2012)
William Lang, trombone

Joan Arnau Pàmies: [14(a/c)_∞p] (2012)
New Morse Code
Anne Lanzilotti, viola
Hannah Collins, cello
Michael Compitello, percussion

Pablo Chin: Sólo es real la niebla (2011)
Fonema Consort feat. Will Fergason
Nina Dante, soprano
Dalia Chin, flute
Will Fergason, saxophone